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How to Find Someone’s TikTok through Instagram

How to Find Someone’s TikTok through Instagram

Is there any way to find someone on TikTok through their Instagram account? And what we can use as information to get their other social media profiles? And what if you only have the person’s username or display name on Instagram? Is it really possible to search and see his or her TikTok from that?

To answer your questions, we spent the time searching and verifying what works for TikTok user search and what does not. So, here is what you should follow as tips, tricks, and recommendations to find your friends on IG easily.

TikTok has become a major platform to showcase one’s talent. It started out as a fun application but many people made a career out of it. Some people became TikTok stars. You may or may not recognize a celebrity but spotting a TikTok star can be overwhelming and exciting.

There are more than 800 million users on TikTok. This Chinese application took the world by storm and became a major hit among the youth. In fact, even the older generation are making cute videos of themselves with their friends, grandchildren, and pets.

If you are a newbie (which is surprising), then this article will be revealing some bits and pieces about TikTok. But the real reason why we are here is to share how you can find someone’s TikTok through Instagram.

Finding someone on TikToker from their Instagram

Search for his/her username

This is the easiest way to find someone on Tiktok when you know their Instagram. All you have to us to put the username in a search box, then, click on seah and get all their other social media accounts including TikTok.

If the person you need to find has a clear username on Instagram, chances are you’re most likely to find him. That’s because usernames are important for social media users, and when they use them across multiple platforms, you can easily find them.

If you suspect that your friend or anybody has a hidden Instagram account, you can search for them. The more details you get about them, the higher chances you’ll get their TikTok. In addition, when the username is not enough, you may try searching through their real name or let’s say the display name on Instagram. That’s another way to locate them on social networks without the need to be friends with them or even create accounts on TikTok.

Example of username on Instagram

Now, when it comes to reality, not all the username reverse lookup tools work the same. Some search engines can help a lot to find someone’s TikTok from Instagram, and they provide more details than others. And that’s why using a trusted site is what we recommend. Additionally, Google search is helpful for this.

That’s because TikTok accounts are public, and when you search for someone’s Instagram username with Google, you may get his or her TikTok account. To achieve that, put “TikTok” after the person’s username in Google search. Then, if there is any account on that name, you’ll find it in seconds.

That’s a good way to search people on TikTok without login.

Finding the Instagram username of someone on TikTok

TikTok account search using the app directly

Now that you have made up your mind about finding a TikTok username on Instagram, we are ready with the information.

Follow TikTok official: TikTok official keeps promoting the coolest TikToker(s) on their official Instagram page. You will not only get to know the username but also get a gist of the type of videos they make. It could be a makeup artist, a hairdresser, a fashionista, or even a travel couple. The page keeps uploading the coolest content available on Instagram. Brands can find out the TikTok username through this Instagram page and then go to TikTok app to check out more videos.

Look for a watermark: If you are following an influencer, you can find plenty of videos on their Instagram handle. Their TikTok videos will have a watermark that showcases their TikTok username. Type the exact name on TikTok and hit the search button. Chances are high that you will find them.

Go to the Instagram bio: The Instagram bio has the TikTok user name too. If this TikTok-er is a known personality, they would share their TikTok user name in the bio.

Utilize the comment section: In case you liked a TikTok video on Instagram, use the comment section to find out what their username is. You can type ‘Who is this TikTok-er?’ or ‘What’s their TikTok username?’ Usually, somebody would reply to you. It is the easiest way to find out who the person is and what’s their username.

If you think that the person you look for has a private Instagram, then, this should work because the username is always public. Meantime, to find TikTok users near you, make sure you let the app know your location. That way, it can search for people who use the site on a redial search.

What do people do on TikTok?

66% of the TikTok population consists of people under 30 and 41% are GenZ. If you are above 30 and making TikTok videos, there is no judgment. The content should be unique, relevant, and fun to watch.

So, TikTok gives young (and older people) a platform to showcase their creativity. You can dance, sing, paint, swim, train your pet, make funny faces, or even surprise your partner in a TikTok video. It has to be interesting for people to watch.

If the post is hilarious or engaging, it goes viral. The creator started off this application free of cost and even till date, it is free to download. However, TikTokers are promoting brands and they can even run ads.

Gone are those days when influencer marketing was just possible on Facebook or Instagram. People are selling and promoting brands via TikTok as well.

In case you are just starting out, it would be advisable to collaborate with popular influencers. You just need to find them, get in touch, check the type of content they make, and collaborate. And remember that in order for you to find someone’s TikTok, you can think about what username they use, name, etc…

How does collaboration help a brand or a fellow TikToker?

Collaboration can help you gain more followers. If you are collaborating with a known TikToker, their followers will get to know about you. The TikToker will also gain more followers (yours) by collaborating with you. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Even brands can join hands with a popular TikTok-er and create brand awareness. If this influencer has a huge following and they endorse your product, your brand will benefit too.

But for collaboration, you need to find out their TikTok username. In-depth research is required before collaborating. You would want to collaborate with the right TikTok-er. Will your brand benefit if this influencer endorses your product? You can find out whether they can bring more leads to your boat.

The overriding thought in your head is, How will you find someone’s TikTok through Instagram? That’s a valid question!

Well, we have jotted down some of the ways to find their TikTok username via Instagram. Read the above section because we talked about some cool details.

Does TikTok have a bright future ahead?

TikTok has a fantastic present with billions of users. In addition, the application has been downloaded a million times. It is a great way for people to showcase their talent. Another important thing we noted is that TikTok gives equal opportunities to people from all walks of life.

If you have a phone, relevant content, and ideas, you will become a star. You don’t have to be a rich person or a celebrity to become a star on TikTok. There are many gym and Zumba instructors who are trending on TikTok. Also, people are putting their fat to fit transformations. For example, we have the dimple girl who did an easy workout with full consistency and became an overnight star. She did the Kiat Jud Dai workout and won several hearts. Also, there are cute baby TikTok stars who are trending because of their cuteness.

So, if you think that the video-sharing platform is your way to go, make sure you understand it well. And when you need to collaborate with others or find someone’s TikTok account, the above steps can help you.


In a nutshell, TikTok is a wonderful place to find talent and even showcase raw talent. Even if you don’t have talent, the platform allows you to showcase what you love doing.

We hope that this little guide helped you find some quick ways to spot someone’s TikTok through Instagram. Most people know about viral videos and who the personality is. So, feel free to ask the person who posted the viral video. Moreover, the watermark is always a giveaway.

Thus, if you are a brand or a person who wants to collaborate with a TikTok star, use the above-mentioned ideas to find them through Instagram.

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