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How to Find Someone’s Email Address (by name, number, username etc…)

How to Find Someone's Email Address

So, you want to contact someone important, but cannot find their email address? Perhaps he/she is an influencer, another professional, or an investor? In fact, trying to find someone else’s email can be truly a struggle, especially when you need the right person to read your message and give you the response you want. And that is where this article comes in. By following the effective methods below, you will be able to find that particular email address in no time.

Finding someone’s email address in 10 ways

1. Search by username

Nowadays, many search tools allow you to find anybody’s email address by their username. It is the easiest way to find contact details and mobile numbers at the same time. Let’s say for example that you need to find someone’s email with a Snapchat username. So, what you can do is copy and paste that username on people search engines. Then, lets the site work in the background to scan sites, social media, and databases.

Next, when the search report is ready, you will see if there is any email address found on that given username you searched for.

Now, to maximize your chances of getting that person’s contact details, make sure you try the search with any other name you find. For instance, you can find someone’s email from their Skype ID, Gmail ID, or even username found on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Tinder, Twitter, Discord, and more. Just make a list of that person’s usernames you can see on their social media and others sites.

Next, search for each username separately to make the search more accurate and show you any email address even if it is secret and hidden from search engines.

Here is an example of how to find the username of someone on Facebook. Then, use it to find the real email address behind that person.

Finding someone's email address by username

Here is another trick to how to find a personal email address when you know the username of the person behind it. First, visit DuckDuckGo, and type that username as it’s is. Then, add “email” at the end. Thus, the search engine will see if there is an account on that username or not. In addition, you can type that username on other sites such as Quora, Reddit, or Pinterest. These sites can help if that person has already some accounts there with a visible email address.

2. Check on their social media pages

This may not be the most effective way to find someone’s email. But hey, almost everyone is on social media these days, right? Besides, it will only take a few seconds for you. The best social media platforms to check for his or her email include LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also check on their company pages for any clues.

Find their emails on Facebook

Here is how to find someone’s email on Facebook, just tap on the ‘About’ section. Most influencers and companies tend to put their email addresses there. But sometimes, users on social media may not put their details and show them to the public. Instead, they may hide their emails and keep their contact information secret. So, there is always a chance for finding someone’s email address on Facebook, but if that did not work for you, then, try other sites like the following options.

Also, remember that in order for you to find someone’s email on Facebook if it’s private, you have to use the advanced searing tools. They’re the only option for this kind of sophisticated reverse lookup technology. That is simply because when a person hides his email on Facebook, chances are, he is also doing the same across their other social profiles. Consequently, when looking for that specific person’s email on Snapchat, Twitter, etc… it won’t be that easy to find any details.

Search on Twitter

The best way to find an email address on Twitter is to go through the person’s past tweets. You can do so using the Twitter advanced search, which can allow you to check for specific details of an account. One way you can do so is to type the keyword ‘email’ on the search option then the user’s account and wait for the results.

Also, to find someone’s email on Twitter, copy their username and pats it into the search box of a good email finder site. In the first section above, I talked about that strategy. So, use it and see if there is any email there.


LinkedIn is a big social media networking platform that millions of professional users on a daily basis. That means if the person you want to find his or he email is a business owner, then, probably, they have LinkedIn. Now, here is how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn. First, make sure you’re logged into your account. The site requires having an account to starts searching for people and find their contact details.

Finding people emails through LinkedIn

To find the email link on LinkedIn, then you may need to connect with the Prospect first before anything else. Once you are connected, open the person’s LinkedIn profile page and click on ‘Contact Info’ and scroll down. Chances are that you will find their email address here.

How to find emails through Instagram?

Want to get someone’s email address from Instagram? So, the best thing you can do is step one above by username. Just visit your friend’s account on Instagram. Next, copy their username at the top of the browser URL bar. Finally, search through that in your best username reverse lookup tool. In addition, you have another option, it is the Instagram display name. For that search through it instead of the username this time. And if there is any email address, you should see it clearly in search reports.

3. Use an Email searching tool

One of the easiest and effective ways to find an email address is through search tools. Even though they can be very helpful, it is not a guarantee that you will get a successful result each time you use them.  Some sites come with free searches and paid options. Unfortunately, the paid searches can be expensive, especially if you plan to search for more email addresses.

Email searching tool

The best part is that there are tons of email lookup tools online. So you have plenty of options to see what suits you. To search for the email, simply put in the name of the person you are searching for, their website, or their company. Then, try to filter your searches as much as possible to attain the best results.

Some of the email searching tools include:

  • InfoTracer: This should be a good place online to find people’s emails. The search needs some of their basic details such as first plus last name, username, phone number, or even home address. This is also a paid email finder software online that works better than others. It can show you many hidden details about people in addition to their secret emails.
  • Hunter: One of the most popular email lookout platforms with 50 free searches in a month. The paid option is available at $49 per month for 500 searches.
  • Clearbit Connect: Free chrome extension with 100 searches per month
  • Find that Email: Paid subscriptions begin at $29 per month for 500 searches. There are also 50 free searches available per month.
  • Anymail Finder: 90 free searches in the trial period and a $49 paid option with 1000 searches.
  • Find that Lead: Paying subscription available at $49 a month for 5000 searches.

4. Finding someone’s email by phone number

If you know some of the person’s contacts details, then, you should look for any mobile number. It is a powerful way to uncover hidden information about people you know or others. Here is how to find someone’s email address by phone number. First, keep note of every phone number of that person. The more details you have about people, the higher chances you will find their emails on iCloud, Yahoo, and other providers.

Now, use a trusted email finder tool by reverse phone number lookup. Type that cell number into the search field and let the system search for their emails on behalf of you. That can take anywhere from a minute to few minutes depending on many factors. But in general, using reverse phone number lookup should show you the emails behind the owner.

5. Subscribe to their Newsletter

Finding someone’s email on Instagram or TikTok may not be always accessible. But you can ask yourself if there is any blog or site behind that Instagram account. Many social media influencers have their own blog. So, they put the same content they have on their Instagram or Facebook and link to it from their social posts.

By searching for any website on that user name, you may find their sites that you can use to subscribe to their newsletter.

So, if they have a website or blog, confirm if they have a mail list and subscribe to it. This will not only give you access to many newsletters. But also can be a quick and easy way to get the email address you want.

However, if it is a generic address, then you may try to respond to their emails by sharing opinions or asking questions. This can help you build your relationship with them and have a better chance of acquiring a personal email address in the future.

6. Guess the Email Address

When you should find someone’s email address for free by name, this could be useful. That’s because almost everyone uses the same mail address format we are all familiar with (e.g. name@[company].com). Since most companies use the same email layout, then guessing will not be a problem. If you know the domain, first name, and second, you will be able to guess the email address easily.

For instance, maybe you were searching for the CEO of a certain company but did not find it. Fortunately, you were able to find the email address of the manager or an employee of the company, and then you can use the domain and the names of the person to guess the email.

Also, when you want to find someone’s outlook email address, just put the name after, or Yahoo, or other email service providers like the following example.


7. Try Using Google Advanced Search

Google should always be your friend, right? So, if you were unable to guess the mail address, then you can turn to Google. There is tons of information on Google, but if you use it wrongly, you will end up having hundreds of irrelevant results. On the other hand, if you use Google correctly, then you will only end up with successful results.

Searching for email address on Google

The best way to use Google to find an email link is to use the Advanced Search option. You can use this tool to find out if your email guess is correct. Just make sure to use target keywords such as the person’s name, company, position, city, person worked for, etc. Once you have a sure email, do not forget to verify it using an email verifier.

8. Finding someone’s email address on Youtube

Believe it or not, you can easily find anybody’s email address if they have a popular Youtube channel. That is because when someone becomes active on Youtube, he or she will receive lots of promotion requests from agencies, products marketers, and companies. And of course, that channel owner will make it easy for people to get in touch with him/her by showing their email address.

Now, the challenge here is not that hard, but if you don’t use Youtube that often, you may find it a little bit confusing. But in all the cases, here is you can get someone’s email address through their youtube channels.

First, visit Youtube and make sure you are logged in. Then, find the exact channel that the person manages (use their name if you don’t know it yet).

Next, when you are on the channel profile page, click on “about

Viewing email on Youtube channel

After that, scroll down and find “VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS” under the “details” section. Youtube will show you the reCAPTCHA challenge for security. After resolving the reCAPTCHA, you’ll find the email.

Finding email address on Youtube

9. Do not be afraid to reach out

If you did not succeed in finding the person’s email using the above methods, then the best way is to reach out for help. The ideal way would be through their social media pages or online customer help desk.

Do not hesitate to contact your prospects and their mail addresses directly. Even so, do not sound creepy when messaging them. The best way is to first describe yourself, then who you need to contact and why, and their email.

If the email address that you are searching for belongs to someone you know personally, then, why not check your old emails. Also, you can see if you messaged the guy or girl someday through Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, or iMessage. In addition, try to search your old text conversations, and also your Gmail account. Maybe you already have their emails but you forget about that.

10. Check on WHOIS and see the email behind their sites

Sometimes, you can find the contact details of the person you are looking for on the WHOIS platform. WHOIS is a simple to use search platform that is used for querying databases on the contact information on the domain owner and company details.

Here is how you can find anyone’s email through WhoIs sites. Before starting, have a look at that person’s name and see if they have a website or a blog. To do that, open your Google search page, put their first plus last name, followed by “blog“, “website” or “contact“. That should help you to get any of that person’s sites indexed on Google.

Here are the exact search parameters I used on Google to find someone’s blog and then his personal Gmail address.

blog OR site OR contact “full name”

Just replace the “full name” with their real one. Then, browse the search results until you find the right page you look for. Next, when you find the domain name, copy and paste it into the WhoIs lookup tools such as Domain Tool which is a Seattle-based company.

Finding someone email with WhoIs lookup

Now, once you type that domain into the Whois lookup, here is what you can find as details, it’s the Gmail address of the website owner.

Gmail address found on Whois lookup


If you tried guessing an email address but did not get it right, then do not give up. As you can see, there are tons of tricks and tips out there to help you find someone’s email address by their name, cell phone number, username, or using search engines and social media. The best approach would be to try them one by one until you find the address you are looking for.

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