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How to Make your Boyfriend Obsessed with You

How to Make your Boyfriend Obsessed with You

Are you looking for real ways to make your boyfriend obsessed with you? Do you have that feeling of your man starting to lose interest in the relationship? You know well he loves you but you feel like he is not as obsessed with you as before. It is an annoying feeling, but don’t worry, you can get his full attention back and revive the charm of the love story beginnings.

We are not talking about dressing so sexy and seducing your boyfriend (although it can be part of the story). Instead, it is about the inner you and how to change your mindset and behaviors to become more attractive than before.

How to make my boyfriend obsessed with me?

1. Confidence makes him very interested in you

Confidence is sexy, this is something nearly all girls know about. However, applying this in real life is not the easiest thing. To show your confidence in yourself, you have to know and believe that every woman is special in her way and you are special. You have your goods and flaws, so, you deserve to be loved the way you are.

Know your goods and always try to show them to your boyfriend. At the same time, don’t fake anything that is not you. Just be yourself and your boyfriend will love you with your negative sides because simply all of us have a negative side including your boyfriend.

When you love yourself and show him how confident you are, he will treat you the same way you treat yourself. Further, he will believe that you deserve special treatment because you are special and he has to be proud of you.

Making your boyfriend obsessed with you by confidence

When you feel confident, you will make your partner obsessed with you again. In fact, men don’t like girls who feel unsafe all the time. So, when you have that strong confidence in yourself, you give show hint that you are a person that he can count on.

Confidence can build a strong woman, and this is valid especially for those who have a long-distance relationship. When you show your man that you can fix your problems without relying on anyone else, you will attract his intention like never before. That shows your guy that you are the person who can overcome life challenges.

2. Kindness

A key to all men on the earth. Kindness is something any person would love to see, but men, in particular, love kind women to obsession. Men want to date a kind girl to him and other people as well. When he sees your kind attitude towards other people, he will get attracted to your personality much more. Make it something deep in your personality, not a fake attitude you are showing in front of him. Fake attitudes can be spotted easily, so, never do this.

Your kindness can make your boyfriend obsessed with you. So, Practice kindness every day and to everyone. This is not just for your boyfriend but for yourself as well. When you are kind to other people, they will be kind to you. However, there is a difference between kindness and being a negative dumb person. Therefore, treat people in a good way and defend yourself when you have to.

3. Show love

You certainly love your boyfriend, don’t you? Show him love and don’t just say it. It is a good thing to always remind your boyfriend that you love him. Texting him I love you or leaving a morning message on the breakfast table is a good thing but it is not enough.

There are many ways to make any boyfriend obsessed with you over text messages. So, try to send him lovely messages when he needs help or support. There should be some occasions in which he struggles with difficulties in work or other things. Also, make sure you remind him about your relationship and that you care about him. Consequently, your boyfriend will start thinking about again that and love you more.

Make your boyfriend obsessed with you over text

Don’t be shy to show love. Know your boyfriend’s love language and do more of what conveys your love in his language. For example, some men love to get simple gifts and surprises now and then. Other men would like to have support even in the most trivial things from their girlfriends. On another side, some men speak the sex language.

By that time, you will know your boyfriend and know what love means to him. Maybe it is all of these practices and maybe there is only one thing he prefers the most. Try different things and see what has the best impact and got his heart.

4. Your physical appearance

Men get attracted to beautiful women. This is a fact we cannot deny. While the appearance and beauty is not the first thing you should focus on, it is still important to take care of yourself. Do whatever you love to take care of yourself. This might be dressing in your best clothes or getting your haircut in a certain way. Wear your best perfume when you are on a date with your boyfriend. Look stunning and attractive even if you have been for years together. That can easily make your boyfriend addicted to you physically because he likes watching you so beautiful.

Physical appearance is not only when you are on a date or hanging out together. You should always look the best even at home. You don’t have to wear a dress and full makeup when at home to look beautiful. Just be simple and take care of your hygiene. Also, even if you live alone, make it a habit to look after yourself and look beautiful to feel confident all the time.

5. Study your man to get his interest

Apart from knowing his love language, you should know everything about your boyfriend’s interests and passions. Know what he likes and dislikes, make him feel he is special and that you care about him. Surprise him with something he likes as his favorite game’s new edition or a pair of sneakers from his favorite brand. These things will let him know you care about him. So, he will be addicted to you.

Try to be passionate about what he loves. For example, if he is a football fan, why don’t you share some time watching a football game together? Give him your opinions and show your interest in the same things, but be careful not to fake it. Just show a little interest in the subject and don’t try to be a scientist in something you don’t know about. Furthermore, never underestimate his interests even if you believe they are not of that importance.

6. Have your interests

To get your boyfriend to be obsessed with you, you should avoid common mistakes that girls make. So, don’t try to copy your boyfriend in everything just to show him how much you love him. You have your interests, hobbies, and personal affairs. Always put those as priorities and give them some of your time. When your boyfriend feels you have things to do in your life rather than loving him, he will be more curious about you. Moreover, he will feel like he always has to exert some effort to keep your attention to him.

That being said, making your ex-boyfriend obsessed with you should not be that hard here. Just try to show him that you have some interests that few girls care about. Sometimes, being distinguished and unique in what we do can attract the intention of others. They may start looking at your sports activities or travel ways as attractive as yourself.


Men are very easy to understand. They don’t need a catalog or a superwoman to get their attention and love. With some simple attitudes and behaviors, you can make your boyfriend obsessed with you. Yet, the number one rule we believe any woman should do is to love herself first to make others love her. Treat yourself in the way you want others including your boyfriend to treat you.

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