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How Can I Monitor my Child’s Text Messages on iPhone?

What can you do to read your child’s text message directly from your iPhone? And if that is possible how can you monitor their texting apps such as iMessage and WhatsApp? But most importantly is check what your kid is sending and receiving message enough to protect him/her? So, keep reading, we will show you all the details.

Being a parent can be difficult – you have to be a protector and also a friend to them. Your heart wishes that they shouldn’t be growing up too fast. But there comes a time when they enter their teen years and start hiding things from you. This could be a major shocker for parents as they dreamt of being close to their child.

Once kids start hiding about things, your mind races and feel threatened. It is possible that you were 10x wilder as compared to your child. But after being parents, things change and you become protective.

What was your reaction when your kid asked for a phone? It is possible that you had a mini heart attack and discussed with your partner whether or not your child should have a phone.

Those panic attacks are legit and we don’t blame you for it. Since you are worried about your child, you might be wondering what goes on in their personal life.

Are they talking to the right kind of people? Do they have any problems? You want to find out all this and more but your child does not speak to you about his/her issues and the crushes they have.

Most parents have a genuine query which is – how can I monitor my child’s text messages on iPhone without them knowing if possible?

This article will give you a quick sneak peek of how you can do it without looking like a paranoid mommy/daddy. Let’s get started!

Ways to monitor your child’s text messages on iPhone

There are some ways of monitoring the text messages on iPhone. So, we have listed them below – you can use each and see what suits you best.

1. iCloud message syncing

After the iOS 12 release, Apple has added a new feature called messages in iCloud syncing. Now, this is a very helpful feature that you can use to see your child’s text messages on your iPhone. It keeps the messages available and updated on all of the devices signed in with a similar iCloud ID. If you wish to monitor the text messages for free using this methodology, you have to know the iCloud account password which is synced to your kid’s iPhone.

This method requires some intervention or what you call ‘breaking in.’

  • You would need to turn on message syncing on your kid’s iPhone. Simply go to the settings option on their phone and tap on the device user’s name.
  • Now tap the ‘iCloud’ and move the slider right in front of ‘messages’ towards the right side.
  • The next step is to sign into the same ID using another Apple device such as your iPad or iPhone. You can start viewing the messages on your kid’s iPhone.

Monitor your child’s text messages on iPhone

Wasn’t this easy? The most difficult part is to break into your child’s phone. We will leave it to you how you want to do that.

2. Forwarding text messages

This one’s difficult and the effectiveness level is low. Nonetheless, you can try and see how it works. Using this technique can make you read your child’s text messages directly from your own iPhone.

  • Go to Settings on your child’s iPhone.
  • Do you see the message option? Tap ‘send and receive.’
  • Quickly check the apple ID your child is using for iMessage.
  • You must sign into the same ID on your Apple device.
  • Now tap text message forwarding on the messages option (in settings)
  • Move the slide to the right to enable text message forwarding.
  • Select your device on your child’s phone to start getting the messages being sent to your child.

Please note that this feature is not available on iOS 12 or 13. In fact, Apple has discontinued it, so you would need to check how efficient this is.

There is a possibility that your child may go to the settings and turn off the setting. Thus, it’s a good way to read what the kids sent and received as messages if they don’t mind. Or let’s say if they don’t know how to edit their iPhone device settings.

3. Use Text tracker Application

If you don’t want to get caught by your child motoring their texts, it is best to use a third-party application. This way your kid will never get to know that you checked their phone and fiddled with it.

Children are very sensitive about their phones. So, if they catch you using it, expect a storm in your home very soon. So, get the text tracker application as you will get all the scoop – sent and received messages on your child’s iPhone.

There are many kids’ phone monitoring apps available out there. But some of there come with risk in privacy and personal information sharing. So, don’t rely on any application that talks about showing you all your kid text messages if no one is talking about it. Otherwise, check some online reviews for a good program to monitor your child’s iPhone including their messages, chats and see what website they visit.

Another good thing about installing iPhone monitoring software on your kid’s device, it shows you everything they do. Thus, you can find their emails, and protect them from online fraud and bad guys.

Why do you want to access their text messages?

There is a lot of inappropriate content available online. So, let’s not forget the kind of exposure kids have these days.

Gone are those days when children enjoyed playing hide and seek and board games. The current generation is hooked to their mobile phone and they are aware of all the nasty things we got to know about later in life.

Kids have access to porn sites and the raging hormones push young children to try different things. For that reason, you may want to check what websites they visit and what social media sites they are using. However, by installing an adult content blocker on their iPhone, you can save them for all the bad guys. In addition, parents can enable Google safe browsing on every device their kids use to search the web.

Well, there is a solution to these things which is educating your child about sex.

  • When is the right age to have sex?
  • The types of contraceptive methods available in the market.
  • The consequences of having casual sex.
  • Difference between bad touch and good touch.

You must tell your child about all of this at the right time. Or, they will eventually learn all of this from someone else. But you should be the first one to teach them how to be responsible and cautious.

Also, you can protect your child by educating them. This way, they will think twice before entering a hotel room or sitting in a stranger’s car.

Another reason parents want to check their child’s text messages is because they want to know whether their child is happy or not.

It will be surprising for you to know that many children go through mental health conditions and don’t talk about it. So, if your child has become silent and does not respond to you, then, there must be a reason for the change in behavior.

Could it be a sexual assault? Are they getting bullied at school? All these reasons could compel a parent to break in and find out what is going on. You’re responsible for your family and kids. But when you neglect these things, you can expose them to risk. And social media has become aggressively changing many things in children if parents are not there to show you what’s wrong and what’s right.

Concluding thoughts

Your child’s safety comes first, so there is no harm in eavesdropping or tracking their messages. You could apply the same methods for checking your husband/wife’s phone. Although we endorse the idea of trusting your partner. But sometimes doubts can mess with your mind. So, go ahead and try those three methods. Choose the one that sails your boat and protects your kids from getting bad texts from strangers or even friends.

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